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 Effortless Vehicle Monitoring 

  • Real-Time & Accurate: Track vehicles, assets, and phones instantly with our user-friendly mobile apps.

  • Automated & Insightful: Get live updates, detailed reports, and valuable insights without the hassle of manual checks.

  • Total Control: Features like remote vehicle immobilization and driver scorecards put you in command of your fleet's productivity and safety.

Experience seamless monitoring and regain control with Pace Tracking. Dive into the future of vehicle management today.

Smarter Asset Management

  • Proactive Monitoring:  Set geo-fences, receive instant alerts on fuel theft, overdue rentals, and unauthorized use to prompt immediate action.

  • Optimize Operations: Identify and eliminate inefficiencies, ensuring optimal distribution of vehicles and assets for peak performance.

  • Informed Decisions:  With real-time data and comprehensive analytics, stay in control and boost your business.

Leverage Pace Tracking for proactive optimization and superior asset management. Elevate your operational efficiency today.

Elevate Your Fleet Management

  • Delivery Precision:  Meet deadlines and grow your customer base with our digital fleet monitoring system.

  • Versatile Solutions: Ideal for rental, company, or personal vehicles, offering advanced tracking, monitoring, and management tools.

  • Control & Efficiency: Stay in command of your fleet's performance, ensuring efficiency and driving your business growth.

Partner with Pace Tracking to modernize your fleet operations and unlock new success levels. Start optimizing today.

>6500 Vehicles


1649 Recoveries


189 Thefts Stopped

>4m Kms Saved


About Pace Tracking: Leadership and Innovation

  • Founders:  Murray Price (former COO at Eqstra Fleet Management) and Grenville Salmon (experienced Chartered Accountant in fleet management / car rental and founder of the highly successful Pace Auto Group).

  • Mission:  Surpass client expectations by offering superior fleet management solutions, embodying our principle: "more than just a dot on the map."

  • Innovation:  Commitment to leveraging AI and machine learning for actionable fleet insights.

  • New Leadership:  Welcome Warren Daniels, our Chief Technology Officer, enhancing our tech capabilities for advanced, insightful fleet management.

Join us in redefining fleet management excellence. Discover our team's commitment to innovation and client satisfaction.

Optimize Costs

  • Maximize Efficiency:  Enhance your bottom line or lifestyle with our advanced tracking solutions, designed for optimal cost and time savings.

  • Boost Productivity: Streamline operations, eliminate manual paperwork, and refine workflows for improved output.

  • Customizable & User-Friendly: Tailor our adaptable systems to your specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for any business size.

  • Drive Profits:
    Engineered to reduce expenses and enhance profit margins, our solutions are your ally in business efficiency.

Elevate your operational efficiency and start your savings journey with Pace Tracking. Discover cost-cutting made easy.

Enhance Fleet Performance

  • Advanced Management:  Elevate your fleet with our cutting-edge solutions, featuring crash detection, jamming recognition, and idle alerts.

  • Comprehensive Control:  From remote disabling to towing alerts, gain the power to protect and optimize your fleet operations.

  • Effortless Operation:  Manage everything seamlessly from your office, leveraging our superior technology for unparalleled efficiency.

  • Competitive Edge:  Equip yourself with the tools and insights to surpass competitors and drive your business to new heights by getting the most out of your investment if a vehicle fleet!

Revolutionize your fleet with Pace Tracking and steer your business towards unprecedented success. Start optimizing now!

Simplify Fleet Management

  • Effortless Oversight: Manage your rental or corporate fleet with ease, thanks to our advanced alert system and instant notifications.

  • Operational Insight:  Utilize scheduled reports and accident analysis tools to quickly address any fleet concerns.

  • Driver Efficiency:  Boost your strategic decisions with our driver and vehicle productivity, performance assessment features.

  • Enhanced Security:  Secure your fleet and protect revenue with remote vehicle immobilization, accessible from anywhere.

Pace Tracking offers a straightforward solution to fleet management challenges. Partner with our experts for optimal fleet performance.