What is Vehicle Telematics?
Does it help to manage your fleet costs?

The science of communication and information processing is called telematics.

Having a tracking and telematics device can help you lower your fleet risk. We use vehicle data to see where we can save money and improve driver safety. The vehicle data is combined with all other fleet data into a single reporting platform, allowing us to get genuine insights into vehicle costs and reduce fleet operation risk.

A tracking and telematics device can help you reduce the risk across your fleet by identifying saving opportunities and improving driver safety. Using vehicle data, you can identify saving opportunities and improve driver safety.

It's important to find a partner who understands the value drivers across your company and can offer new ways to improve the return on investment you have made in your fleet of vehicles.

Our vehicle telematics and tracking service includes immobilising vehicles, stolen vehicle recovery, driver scorecards for driver behaviour such as harsh braking, speeding, and idling. The data collected and evaluated has a direct impact on the upkeep and operating costs of your workforce.

However more important in many cases more than just measuring the performance of the driver is to rather measure their productivity. You bought your fleet of vehicles for a reason and the question is how does reality match this. There is no point in having the best driver not doing company business!

If it is a tool of trade or commercial vehicle most trips should end at one of your customers or suppliers. Most travel should be during office hours, dependent on your operation. Pace Tracking recommends uploading all your customers and suppliers as points on interest so we can report on any trips during work hours to destinations, which may need further investigation.

We use our innovative perspective to develop new solutions for problems and open new possibilities with constantly upgraded products and reports. Our objective is to deliver a telematics solution that will decrease both risk and costs for your fleet through risk mitigation and support services.

An on-board telematics system that integrates with the vehicles CANBUS can keep track of vehicle and engine performance, ODO readings, fuel flow, RPM, and oil levels, and alert the driver of any problems before they become excessively costly.

The benefits of telematics are significant and proven if managed correctly.

1.      Fuel and repair costs can be reduced

2.      The data collected from the telematics device can be used to provide you with real fleet insights on where your vehicles are travelling and if this supports your company strategy and objectives

3.      Vehicle theft recovery is enabled

4.      Speed control and vehicle immobilisation can be cone remotely.

5.      Accident reconstruction for insurance claims

6.      Incentive programme to get your drivers to driver better and reduce fleet operating costs

Many companies do not have the time to focus on their tracking data, so Pace Tracking is all about letting you now what you need to know when you need to know it and to automate as mush of the process as possible to save you both time and effort.

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