What is Pace Phone Tracking?
Leveraging cell phone technology to enable real-time tracking of driver phones

Pace Phone Tracking (PPT) leverages cell phone technology to enable real-time tracking of drivers while recording, measuring, and enabling identification of risky driving behaviour events including speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and harsh turning.

The benefits of the PPT solutions are significant. They allow your driver to have a full view of their driving history and performance and can generate SARS approved travel logbooks. 

Our solution allows you to get started with minimal effort, tangible ROI’ and no interruptions to your daily operations.

The PPT app is available for existing all Pace Tracking customers and their employees.

The Pace PhoneDriver App for employees of you company, using private vehicles, who can be tracked for Scope 2 co2 emission reporting, support the creation of lift club by employees who can ride share and which provide the driver with a cost split and travel logbook as required.

With PhoneDriver live chats are enabled between the driver and your operations to update the driver or vice versa. This makes for seamless communication with your logistics and delivery fleets.

PhoneDriver also includes the ability to schedule tasks for company drivers and have update the task when completed. 

The PhoneDriver app allows a low costs solution for your company vehicles but also for your employees driving personal vehicles to their place of work which forms part of your carbon footprint reporting and is difficult to estimate.

Pace Tracking has underlying data which allows for accurate estimation of fuel consumption per vehicle class, type and age to provide you will an accurate estimate of private employee travel to a from work, whilst they benefit from an autogenerated travel log book where required.

How Can I Get the App?

The PaceDriver Tracking App is available for download from both Play and iStores, and you can get a guided demo from one of our solution experts by requesting a demo.

Getting Started

Step 1 Add asset & connected mobile phone number on Pace Tracking.

Step 2 SMS sent to linked mobile phone number.

Step 3 Driver clicks on SMS link. 

Step 4 Driver accepts being tracked & logs into PaceDriver App.

Manager is now able to track and monitor the driver.

Is This a Good Fit for My Business?

The PaceDriver Phone Tracking App is an ideal fit for a fleet that needs a cost-effective and practical alternative to installing a hard-wired onboard computer or tracking device inside a vehicle, for example:

Sub-Contracted Vehicles

Leased Vehicles

Company Cars

Grey Fleets

Private Cars

Short-Term Rentals

Get An Immediate Return on Your Investment

All you need is a compatible phone and the app to realise the benefits, enabling you to:

Expand management coverage to short-term vehicles or those not owned by the company – without the need to install hardware

Improve driver safety and performance for all drivers through driver scorecards

Immediate insight into poor driver behaviour in company vehicles impacting fuel costs

Reduce collisions by over 25%

Improve risky driving behaviour scores by over 40%

Decrease harsh driving which leads to a reduction in fuel spend of over 8%

Improve driving styles, lowering annual maintenance costs by up to 15%

Lower insurance claim costs by over 12% due to collision reduction

Request A Demo

How Does Pacedriver Tracking Work?

While Pace's fixed-install solution will always provide the richest data sets, the PaceDriver Tracking App provides a practical and cost-effective option to expand management coverage to short-term vehicles or those not owned by the company – without the need to install hardware.

Here's how easy it is for drivers to use the app:

1 Phone is carried with the driver 

2 The driver remains always logged in

3 App runs in the background & monitors all trips (very low battery draw but also more limited tracking data)

4 Data collected includes GPS positions, distance, duration, max speed & driver events

5 Live chat function with the support office

6 Request emergency assistance

7 Receive and complete tasks such as deliveries and collections.

Contact Pace Tracking today for the most affordable tracking solution on the market.

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